Q: What do you mean by young?

A: While there is technically no age limit, most of our events take place in bars or other establishments that serve alcohol. Therefore, it is recommended that attendees are between the ages of 21 and those who still feel young at heart!

Q: Who is considered a professional?

A: A professional is  any person who is working in or working toward their chosen profession (like a Ph.D. student). This includes all professions in any capacity (retail/service/entertainment industry, too!).

Q: When and Where do YAP Events Take Place?

A: YAP events typically take place on the second Thursday of every month, from 5pm-7pm. The location changes every month, so look for information here or on Facebook about upcoming events.

Special events on weekends or other dates also happen once in a while… and they’re always outstanding.

Q: How do I stay up to date on YAP Events?

A: Please feel free to like Young Athens Professionals on Facebook or use the contact form below to be added to our mailing list. This will ensure you receive information about all  upcoming events.