December Happy Hour Recap: Ugly Sweaters All the Way!

 DSCN1657               Thursday, December 11th from 5pm to 7pm was an evening that will live in infamy. So many ugly holiday sweaters (and one AMAZING ugly vegetable sweater – Yes, Drew, we noticed – gathered en masse at Athens, Ohio’s first wine bar, Athens Uncorked.  We had delicious appetizers provided by our host location and awesome desserts brought to us by Flour Power Cupcakes.


imagesAthens Uncorked did not disappoint – It was a warm, welcoming venue and it’s obvious the staff is already highly trained. The turnout was nearly double what we usually have at a YAP Happy Hour, and the team at this less-than-a-week-old bar were efficient in getting drinks out to everyone as quickly as possible.  The space is stunning, with excellent decor and a remodel that will make your head spin if you used to go to The Oak Room regularly.

Flour power cupcakes

Flour Power Cupcakes provided holiday-themed desserts, and I think my favorite was the eggnog puff pastry. The gingerbread mini-cupcakes were outstanding as well… DSCN1652Well, actually, everything I sampled was delicious but I don’t want to admit to how many little dessert treats I tried. *blush*


DSCN1641YAPpers showed up in droves to make this our largest YAP Happy Hour ever! We had over 100 YAP attendees! Though, I will say… shame on you to everyone who didn’t sign in and help me get an accurate count! 😉  Ok, so I’m not really mad, but it’s so great that 86 of you did take the time to sign in. You’re appreciated. This turn-out proves that our group is a strong part of the Athens community, and we’d like to ask all of you to please bring your friends!!! 

Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who brought new people, every new person, and every single YAP 



If you haven’t experienced Athens Uncorked yet, definitely make it a point this holiday season – And regularly in the future. You’ll love it.  If you need more sweets, join Flour Power Cupcakes at the next Gourmet Your Way Raid Our Freezer Event at ACEnet on 1/8/15. Learn more HERE.



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