March Recap and April Happy Hour!

March was a simply splendid Happy Hour. If you missed it, please beware – The photos that follow will make you jealous of the amazing food provided to us by the Kennedy Museum of Art. Not only did the museum allow us free access to the exhibits (it’s always free, by the way…) and give us amazing catering by Avalanche, but the Friends of the Museum provided us with free, delicious and FREE wine!! 



We hope to continue a powerful partnership with Kennedy Museum, as this event was one of our highest attended yet. Estimates tell us that about 120 YAP members (old and new) attended the happy hour. Thank you so much for participating!! We hope to make the Kennedy Museum an annual Happy Hour location. 




April’s Happy Hour will not be as fancy as March’s, but it will be fun and memorable!! 

Those of us who’ve had the good fortune to see the great American bar, Captain Tony’s Saloon, in Key West know there are wonderful similarities to our own Tony’s Tavern.


You’ve seen the quote by the door in Tony’s: “All you need in this life is a tremendous sex drive and a great ego. Brains don’t mean s#!t.”  The link exists because they’re both great places to party, and excellent places for friends to converge in conversation.

Another, less famous, quote of Capt. Tony Tarracino is “It’s the only word in the dictionary that means anything. You can throw all the other words away. The only important word is compassion.”

This quotation is what led us to our sponsor for this month’s YAP Happy Hour:

The ceiling of Capt. Tony’s Saloon in Key West is covered in bras, so it’s time to celebrate boobs! The Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund is a new not for profit organization working to raise money to help women in our area cover the maddening expenses of battling breast cancer. They’ve graciously offered to sponsor the April Happy Hour at Tony’s, and we hope you’ll take some time to check out what they’re working on.


Hey, maybe we can start a bra-hanging trend at Tony’s too… One for every survivor in this region. Wouldn’t that be amazing??

We cordially invite you to join us at Tony’s Tavern on April 10th where you can meet and greet the proprietor of the Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund, survivor and champion of women’s causes, Lee Wood. She’ll help us all have a great time, and we can thank her and Ohio PRF for the snacks we’ll be enjoying on April 10th. See you at Tony’s!


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